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The Down And (Not) Dirty With Microshield 360

The Down And (Not) Dirty With Microshield 360

May 13, 2020 Microshield 360 0
Microshield 360 Germs, Viruses, Pathogens

Why does Bob’s Premium Privies use Microshield 360?

MicroShield 360 is an EPA registered and FDA approved biostatic antimicrobial coating system that PREVENTS germs and pathogens from living on any treated surface 24/7 for up to ONE YEAR. The system drastically reduces cross-contamination and prevents 90+ pathogens from living on treated surfaces.

What will it kill?

Not only does it work on viruses like Influenza A2 (Aichi), Influenza A2 (Asian), Influenza B, E. Coli, MRSA it also works on Fungi like Algae, Mold, Yeast…  90+ pathogens in all.  MicroShield 360 constantly self-disinfects the surface 24/7 and ensures the surfaces are no longer habitable for bacteria of all forms.  MicroShield 360’s proprietary solution is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic allowing it to be used on virtually any surface within any environment.

Inbetween Applications

Traditional powerwasher cleanings from our wastewater technicians remove any grime and gunk that can build up the surface of our products but will not remove the Microshield 360 coating.

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