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In Central Iowa, most fun, significant life events imply the attendance of a great number of people. A large gathering of people means that you’re going to need our services no matter what! Please read below for some specific events we cover, and feel free to contact us with questions about other events!

Motocross Event
Community Event

Community Events

There are numerous events that require portable toilets. To name a few, block parties, farmer’s markets, and Beer ‘n Bikes are all entertaining and fun events, but wouldn’t be possible without the help of companies like us! You don’t want your guests or potential customers leaving too quickly because you haven’t provided this service for them, so don’t hesitate to contact us to help support your Central Iowa event!


We understand that privies typically aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re planning a wedding. However, the most beautiful weddings are often outdoors and thus require portable toilets. Did this slip your mind? It’s not a problem! We can provide you with this service in short notice, so you don’t need to stress over more last-minute planning.

Private Gatherings or Corporate Affairs

Whether you’re having a retirement party out in a park or a fundraising affair hosted at your home, you will want our services. We will help prevent having to open up your private bathroom to public events, or we will simply ensure that your guests have extra restrooms all over the Des Moines Metro.

Wedding with Sparklers

Toilet and Trash Bundle

We take care of all kinds of waste. In addition to portable toilets, we can also get rid of all your trash. It’s a complete win for you—we can deal with all of the undesirable issues that you don’t want to concern yourself with, let the Bob’s Premium Privies and Ankeny Sanitation teams take care of it!

Toilet & Trash Bundle
Construction Needs


Portable toilets are essential for an efficient construction site. Don’t go through the hassle of having your crew leave every time they need a restroom! Save tons of time and money, by renting our privies for a great price. Please contact us to schedule your project today!

Restroom Calculator

Not sure how many bathrooms to book for your event? Use our calculator below to get an estimate of how many units you will need. If you have any questions or you need a more personalized estimate please contact us. Our staff has years of experience to help make your event a comfortable success.

"The only better bathroom is yours!"

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