Our Solutions at Bob’s Premium Privies

We work with each individual customer to figure out a solution that is going to meet your needs for any type of event. In addition, we encourage you to check out our calculator on our contact page, so you can figure out how many restrooms you need for the number of people at your event. Our goal is to help you, so let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you. Below are a few options we offer to aid our customers.

Premium Restroom Trailer

Bob’s Premium Privies are beautiful with running water and the foot flush system, so you’ll never have to touch to flush again. In addition to the premium privy, we also offer top of the line shower trailers that make you feel like you’re indoors. We’ve got the whole deal—privies, showers, and handwashing stations! You can feel completely sanitary using our services.

Premium Shower Trailer

Bob’s Premium Shower Trailers are like nothing you have ever seen. They are climate controlled, come with running water, 4 spacious sinks and 8 private shower stalls. In addition, Bob’s Portable Shower Trailers are capable of being broken into different configurations to serve women and men, no how many of each are in need of a quick and luxurious clean up. For all of your Central Iowa outdoor events, where showers are necessary, we’ve got the best, and you certainly deserve the best!

Standard Privy

ADA Accessible Privy

We want to make sure that everyone is able to have access to our privies, so we also include restrooms that are ADA accessible. These are spacious for our customers with some extra needs. Everyone should be able to have access to a restroom at those special events, so we are doing our part to make it a reality that no one is left out.


Standard Privy and Handwashing Station

In addition to a variety of toilet options, we also will provide you with the necessary equipment for being safe and sanitary—such as handwashing stations. Without these, people may be very reluctant to use the privies. Who doesn’t want to keep clean? Talk to us about what options we can provide you with.

Privy and Garbage Bundle

Privy and Trash Bundle

We take care of all kinds of waste. In addition to portable toilets, we can also get rid of all your trash. It’s a complete win for you—we can deal with all of the undesirable issues that you don’t want to concern yourself with, and we will offer you a deal if you hire us for the trash and privy bundle.

"The only better bathroom is yours!"

Bob's Premium Privies

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